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21 Day Re-BOOT

Post Summer re-boot

September 10th - October 1st

This 21-day transformation will be the kick start you need to refocus after summers indulgences. Reading and putting the program into action will take less than an hour a day - really!

The results of your gene reprogramming will benefit you for the rest of your life - as long as you remain on the Path :) 

What you will get: Daily emails, videos, support, recipes, workout ideas. And the best part? COMMUNITY!


After signing up and paying, I will add you to the 21-day post-summer re-boot facebook group, where we will share, encourage, celebrate and take on this endeavor together. 


Are you ready to build the metabolic machinery to turn yourself into a fat burning beast? Do you want freedom from food fixation? Do you want to learn how to lose fat and keep it off? FOR GOOD?


If that sounds like a challenge you're ready for, then simply sign up below and Pay the $50 challenge fee, using the link to PayPal, and let's do this thing! 

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