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The Human Body - A Vehicle For Life

Say you worked your entire life and finally got the car of your dreams. You'd wanted this beauty since being an adult, and have been saving up pay-checks for years.

When you buy your fancy new car, the salesman strongly suggests that you put only the best quality fuel in your vehicle. He tells you that this will help it run smoother, faster, and stronger, for a longer time. He tells you it could be the difference between an extra 10+ years, of having your pride and joy run as it should.

You agree, and it really doesn't seem like that much of a compromise to pay a little extra for premium fuel, or skip the gas station that doesn't sell the good stuff.

You look after that car, always getting it serviced, putting in the best fuel, and it looks after you in return. It never breaks down, runs like a dream, and performs just like it did, "x" amount of years ago, when you drove it out of the show room. This is largely due to your care and service to your vehicle. If you would've treated your new car like crap, putting in the cheapest fuel, riding it hard everyday, never getting it serviced, your car would ultimately betray you, leaving you stranded at the side of the road, broken, and in need of some serious repair, that won't come cheap, by the way.

Now - play out that scenario again. However, this time, instead of having a luxury car, you use your body. Your precious, beautiful, human body.

The thing that we ALL have, despite class, race, socio-economic status...our most prized possession.

If I told you that your most prized possession could serve you, to the very best of its ability, for your entire life, as long as you look after it, as long as you put in the best fuel, would you do it? I think you might.

Your body IS that luxury vehicle. It deserves the best fuel. It deserves the services, the TLC and respect. It is THE vessel, in which you spend your entire life.

You wouldn't treat your luxury car like trash, so why do you treat your body this way?

I promise you - if you start looking after your body, it will look after you and make you feel better, than any luxury car can do.

Optimize your Human Experience.


Learn how to fuel your human body with THE best fuel. Contact me to schedule your FREE 30 minutes discovery call.

Yours in health,

Ste Lane


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