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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My Primal journey began roughly a decade ago. Since then, I have been deep down the rabbit-hole of nutrition and health. Every diet you can think of, every fad, every gimmick and every quick-fix has fascinated me. I've read more books and medical journals than I can recall, and conducted more personal experiments in the search of optimal health than most lab rats are subjected to.


My main motivation for diving into this field was the result of seeing people sick. I lost many family members early on in my life to illness, specifically, cancer. They were taken far too young and this left a lingering question that I wanted to find an answer to....why? Why do some people have this “bad luck” with health? Doctors and common knowledge will tell us that these ailments, your risk of developing a life threatening disease such as cancer, cardiovascular heart disease, Alzheimers etc are largely down to genetic predispositions. Hearing this, as a person growing up in a family with a long history of disease, was most worrying and subsequently led me down the path of discovery, in an attempt to overcome the odds that were seemingly stacked against me.


However, the more I read and scratched beyond the surface, the more questions I asked, the more apparent it became that there is a much bigger picture to this conundrum we call health. There was a reoccurring theme underlying all of this - what we are putting in our mouths. I was no longer buying many of the misconceptions touted as conventional wisdom that we hear on a daily basis. I was beginning to feel that I could manipulate the odds to be very much in my favor.


This was the catalyst that I needed - I was empowered! I felt like my fate wasn’t sealed and most importantly, I felt fully in control of my own health. The power was in MY hands, all that I had to do was embody everything that I was learning. I had started to amass a lot of applicable knowledge in the nutrition field. I was well on my way to unlocking a life of longevity, effortless weight control and optimal human performance. 


It was then that the idea for Peak Primal Health was born - Whilst it wouldn’t manifest until some years later, into what you see before you now, the philosophies and ideas were very much in place - and I have lived them ever since. 

Whilst my life, and those of the people close to me, benefited from a primal lifestyle, I had to do some personal discovery and find my own path before I was ready to embark on a career as a health coach, passing on this knowledge and life advice to others. 

This path of personal discovery came after I graduated from university. I studied Sports Therapy in university, graduating with first class on honors - Mastering massage techniques, the human physiology, exercise and rehabilitation modalities and adding to my growing interest in what constitutes an optimum human being - I was already carving my way to having a holistic view of health. Throughout this time I was competing at a high level in Mixed Martial Arts and even picked up an amateur title along the way. Contrary to my athletic rivals, I felt that I had an edge on them in competition and this was because of my vast nutritional background and understanding of the human body.


After I graduated I dipped my toes in the water of Social Work. I had been coaching and helping people in some capacity of my life since I was able, and my love of helping others, especially kids who were in dire need of some guidance and positive role models, felt more like a calling than a job. 


Throughout this time I was taking my summer months to head over the pond to a little town in Pennsylvania, USA, where I attended a summer camp by the name of Tyler Hill Camp - Here again, I would coach and work with kids. I love camp and I have grown an enormous amount at this place. It really did help me discover my natural talents and led me to what I wanted to do in life. Camp made me realize that I had passion and I wouldn’t settle for a life where I couldn’t express that. I wanted to help, I wanted to wake up everyday with a desire to ‘go to work’ - it seemed far fetched and crazy but I wanted to change the world. However, I was still unsure of the modality in which I could accomplish this goal. 


It was during one these fruitful summers that I met an amazing lady who would, in just three short years, become my wife and soulmate. We went on this path of discovery together - leaving behind the notion of “real life” and backpacking around the world. We fell in love with the world. We enjoyed seeing new places, interacting with locals, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures and breaking free of traditional routine. This amazing life opportunity led me to more countries than I can count, more friends than anyone could ever wish for and memories that will last a lifetime.


It is a by-product of all of these amazing experiences that resulted in me sitting here writing this today. Committing to a life of helping others to achieve their health and life goals. We are all on different paths, facing different challenges and hurdles in life but we all want to live a happy and health life. Maybe we have even tried in the past, sometimes numerous times, yet we have fallen short. I’m now ready to help people find their path, tackle their challenges and unlock the path to living peak primal. 


I have been living primally for close to a decade now. The abundant energy, effortless fat loss and weight maintenance, stable hunger levels, and peak athletic performance almost has me feeling like I am cheating at life. 


Do these sound like qualities you'd like in yourself? What if I told you that feeling this way is not only attainable, but once you are armed with the right guidance and knowledge, it is easy and effortless. 


Thats right; you are supposed to feel this way! Unfortunately our modern lifestyles have led us astray from optimal gene expression and effortless health and wellbeing. I'm here to help you get that back! 

Why Peak Primal Health? 

Diets fail. I'm sure many of you reading this know that all too well. Conventional advice such as "move more, eat less" or "its all about calories”, or taking up aggressive chronic cardio habits have failed us time and time over. Diets fail miserably. Understanding WHY is the key to long term, effortless success. Understanding how far we have strayed from our genetics to fit into this modern bubble of life holds all the answers as to why we fail, and guess what? It ISN’T your fault. Understanding how our modern lives and food choices are disrupting the neuroregulation of appetite, hijacking our reward systems, disrupting our delicate hormonal balance and making us sick, hungry and fat puts the ball back in your court.


As a whole population, we are sicker and fatter than ever before. We suffer from rampant disease as a consequence of modern life. Diet related illnesses such as diabetes, auto immunity, neurodegenerative disease and even cancer are at astonishingly high rates, and show no signs of slowing, despite advancing medical intervention. Up to two thirds of the western population is over weight, a third of the global population is overweight/obese and and 86 MILLION people are pre-diabetic. We suffer (in staggering amounts) from diseases that were benign before the advent of civilization and modern life took hold. How can we be so smart, so advanced, yet so sick and so far removed from optimal health?


The more you look into the food and lifestyle story, the more you realize that there is so much more to this puzzle of optimal health. We have been mis-informed by doctors, bad science, scare mongering tactics and overwhelming exposure to media that has sent us into a tailspin with regards to optimal diet and lifestyle choices. It seems that every week we have some new information to digest, a new diet to “end all diets” is plastered all over the news, we learn that something else is now going to give us cancer. Who knows what to believe anymore?


We sleep less, work more, lead high stress lives, forgo real-food meals for hyperpalitable grab and go snacks and prioritize our hectic lives and schedules over our health.


There is NO need to count calories, suffer chronic hunger, have a steel resolve, and be miserable, jumping from diet to diet, yet never accomplishing your goals. There is a better path.


We have been failed. Failed by doctors and professionals that have been failed by the institutions made to empower them. I want to help you navigate this mine field and find out the answers to the questions you hold. I have already helped clients lose staggering amounts of weight, helped athletes reach peak competition goals, helped friends and loved ones reach their body composition goals and helped people destined for a life of medication and discomfort take back control of their health and reverse these conditions. 


The field of Ancestral health holds the key to longevity and wellness and I’m very excited to share this message and combat the modern-life pitfalls we face everyday. 


Armed with the knowledge I have now, who knows, maybe my family members could still be here, living a happy and long life. That is WHY I am passionate about this work and about this field. I really do want to help and I am looking forward to figuring out this puzzle and helping people take back their health.


My goal is to help you understand the rules of this game so that you, your loved ones and our society can triumph over the modern junk food catastrophe we are currently living. After all, health is wealth and without the health part, what is left?


There's one thing I'm more confident of now than ever before. I can help you achieve your health goals. I can help you improve your health, lose weight, reach your athletic/life goals, and enjoy a healthy, long and happy life.


So; if you're looking to get in shape, lose weight, battle off life-long ailments, fight chronic fatigue, have been plagued by chronic joint pain and inflammation, eczema, acne, GERD, want to improve athletic performance, increase your longevity and improve your health, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can help you live a life full of amazing and delicious food, develop a healthy relationship between you and your food, lose weight and improve health whilst never having to feel hungry or frustrated, provide one on one support and design meal plans and recipes and help you balance your life for optimal health.


You are SO important and you DESERVE to live life to the upmost of your human potential. Put your health back at the top of your priorities and enjoy a happier and healthier life! Are you ready to live life Peak Primal? What are you waiting for!? 


Much Love,


Optimize your human experience.
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