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I knew I didn’t want to take the FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS of pills that my Dr. recommended…There had to

Todays blog post is a wonderful client success story, from Nikki, displaying the power of a holistic approach to regaining health and how even coaches need coaches...

"My name is Nikki, and I am a 33-year-old mother of 2 boys, and this is my story with Peak Primal Health! I am a personal trainer who was struggling to try to find health for myself. Frustrated that I could help others but couldn’t help myself. 6 months ago I was a fat-phobic, 6 small meals a day eating, insomniac who drank coffee like a trucker driver on the midnight shift. I slept like shit, I was always tired, bloated and had a mess of stomach issues, and gained 15 lbs last year. I had been to a handful of doctors for exhaustion, stomach pains, bad digestion and just lost and frustrated... I was tired of being the mess that was me. Every dr visit ended in the same way... a hand full of pills that might fix some of my issues. I started following Ste in August and participated in his challenge last September (2018) with noticeable change and improvement but I still didn’t feel my best, how I use to feel. In October I was diagnosed with IBS, which answered for a lot of why I was feeling miserable even though I was “eating clean.” That diagnosis kicked me into high gear! I knew I didn’t want to take the FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS of pills that my Dr. recommended…. There had to be a better way, a holistic way as a fix! After seeing some positive outcomes with his diet and habit challenge in September, I made the choice to reach out for 1 on 1 coaching. I cannot stress enough how imperative this moment was for me. I was overwhelmed with my research and drowning under the causes of flare-ups and didn’t know where to begin! Ste worked with me on a DAILY basis. He told me it would take time, but I would be amazed how things could change in one month if I really put in the work on my end. We began with a loaded “get-to-know-you session and covered EVERYTHING, all the nitty-gritty details and started from the ground up with small, manageable, and effective changes. Each week we would add a step, a change, somewhere to grow; there were times where I would feel like there was no hope for change. But there was no fast fix, I worked my ass off with his guidance! Slowly things started to take shape. My sleep routines, wake routines, stress, thoughtfulness, exercise, gratitude, self-care, and diet all changed in ONE MONTH! I remember our last session, sitting there telling him how blown away I was about how I felt inside and out. I hadn't felt "normal" in 4 years!! 4 years! And the tears ran down my face because he helped me regain my life; which I had lost hope on. This was so much more than battling my IBD pain or weight Plateaus... I felt alive again! I would do this experience 1000x over and over. You get so much more than you pay for! And my health and happiness are worth every penny! Every hard moment I wanted to stop, every eye roll when he said bedtime was important, every frustration when I "couldn’t" eat what I wanted, and then realizing I could do whatever I wanted but had to live with what those actions would result in. ALL OF IT. Because at the end of my 1 month my world was flipped right side up and I felt like me again. I am still trucking along, still failing and succeeding. And even though I am not doing 1 on 1 coaching anymore Ste is still there, every step of the way! Helping at every turn and checking in still! Do it, take the leap, be better for yourself and your future. Get in control and create the rest of your journey!"

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